We decided, as a family, to do whatever it takes to educate on this so called “game”.  We feel as if we can save lives through increased awareness and education.  Our ultimate goal is to take this education nationwide.  Please support us in this journey.  Consider making a donation to our cause to help us save the lives of our adolescents!  All donations will be used for educational purposes. We have listed the information below you will need in the event you would prefer to make a donation by mail or in person. 

For every $5 donation, we will mail you a silicone bracelet (picture below).  The bracelets have the words “For the Love of Jenny, Stop the ‘Choking Game'” embossed on them.  We will gladly send additional bracelets for each $5 you donate.  Please let us know how many bracelets you would like in the “notes” section on PayPal when you check out.  These bracelets are Adult – one size fits all.  Youth bracelets will be available after March 30th.

Thank you in advance for your support! 


“For the Love of Jenny”
Texas Citizen’s Bank
P O Box 7350
Pasadena, Texas 77508-7350

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